Peyronie disease

Peyronie disease may be the most frequent reason for painful penile induration. Fibrous tissue plaques form inside the tunica albuginea, causing painful disability and shortening of the penis. Although medical examination is generally correct, the part of imaging would be to assess expansion of plaques, if the penile septum is concerned, and also to analyze the connection between your plaques as well as the penile vasculature. Also the sizegenetics tension is worth mentioning here.


Systematic Peyronie disease occurrence continues to be calculated at ~1PERCENT of erectile dysfunction cases 2, however the occurrence has been increasing because of growing utilization of pharmacologic therapy for erectile dysfunction. Its age of beginning is about 50-60 years old.

Peyronie disease is related to fibromatoses including plantar fibromatosis and Dupuytren contractures. It’s also related to

  • penile trauma
  • diabetes mellitus
  • Beta blocker use
  • Paget disease of bone
  • phenytoin use

Clinical presentation

  • curved/bent penis*
  • penile plaque
  • decreased penile length
  • less rigidity of penis
  • penile numbness
  • erectile dysfunction
  • painful erection

* congenital curvature of penis is just a distinct situation, observed in children and teenagers, and doesn’t cause any issue

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Carole Huntley