What kind of facilities available for roxicodone addiction treatment?

Oxycodone also popular by the name or roxicodone is a prescription-only pain medicine. The abuse rate of this drug is high. It is abused in the form of snorting powder obtained by crushing the pills, chewing pills or injecting them. A person who is addicted to roxicodone or develops an addiction to the drug needs professional help and treatment from heroin detox and rehab centres. These treatment facilities help the addicts to overcome their addiction and lead a quality life.

There are a number of ways in which treatment is provided at oxycodone roxicodone rehab facilities. The primary focus is to help addicts to stop the usage of drug and teach them how to live healthy and happy live without using roxicodone.

Typically, there are two types of roxicodone facilities that provide help to the addicts in quitting their addiction. These include;

  • Inpatient treatment facility: In this kind of facility, the addicts have to stay at the facility in an isolated environment where counsellors, doctors and psychiatrists provide them with professional help to get through the process of rehabilitation step by step. The inpatient facility offers a safe environment for the addicts to undergo detox process and also keep them away from the temptations which may lead to relapse.
  • Outpatient treatment facility: This option is suitable for the addicts who have already undergone a detox process and completed their rehabilitation program at the inpatient facility. The outpatient facility provides a place to continue with group therapy, meetings with other people and individual interventions.
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Carole Huntley